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Keep away from spam and telemarketing. ID Shield will help you with this.

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Note: This service is available for .com .net .org .biz .mobi .info Only.

How does ID Shield work?

WonHost ID Shiled act as a firewall between you and outside world, instead of your personal information being available to public, the eyes of information prier will target at WonHost ID Shield.

We replace your registrant, technical, admin and billing information.
Although the whois information shows our information, you retain full ownership of the domain.
You can pause/resume your ID Shield service on a domain for three times for free.
You have complete control over the domain, you can manage all facets of the domain via your control panel like domains without ID Shield service.
Email address listed in each contact will be changed constantly to avoid being bombarded by spammer

Note:ID Shield can not be applied to .US domain